StyleHint | Privacy Policy

StyleHint (“Services”) is a service operated by Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. (“FR”; FR and all of its affiliates collectively will be referred to as “FR Group”), which allows people to freely post their outfits, view those of others, post comments, and share content. The Services exceed the boundaries of FR Group Brands, and is intended to allow individuals to share the joys of wearing great clothing.

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) explains FR’s policies related to the handling of information, including personal information (“Information”), gathered through the Services from posters and viewers (“Users”), and applies to all Users. Make sure you fully read, understood, and comprehended this Privacy Policy prior to the use of the services. By clicking “agree” during the course of the registration process and/or the use of the Services you, the Users, shall be deemed to have consented to this Privacy Policy.

Article 1. Content of Information

The Information handled by FR includes the following types of information;

  1. Information provided by Users directly to FR
    1. Information provided by Users when setting up an account for Services; including Users IDs, passwords, e-mail addresses, gender, age, and height
    2. Information posted by Users on Services; including pictures, comments, and other content
    3. Information included in the content stated above; such as picture location data, the date the file was created, and other metadata
  2. Information about individuals, pages, accounts, and hash tags connected to Users, and other information related to network connections
  3. Information related to telecommunications devices, such as unique identifiers, specifications, operation, settings, signals, information related to network connections, and cookie data

Article 2. Purpose of handling Information

FR will use the Information, based on the selections of Users, for the following purposes

  1. The provision, analysis, and improvement of the Services
  2. Security improvements to the Services
  3. Communications with Users
  4. Providing information regarding products, services, and campaigns via e-mail or other means
  5. Advertising display on digital signage and web pages
  6. Research and Development of new products and services

Article 3. Disclosure and sharing of Information

  1. Users’ account IDs will be displayed publically to other Users on applications and websites related to the Services. Content posted by Users will be made public based on User settings
  2. When Users use functions to share content and related data, pictures, videos, text, audio, URL links, and other information included in the content, they may be disclosed to other Users, or other Users may be notified
  3. When using functions of the Services to link third party sites to the Services, a portion or all of the information disclosed on the Services may also be disclosed on third party sites
  4. FR shall not be responsible for any resulting losses or damages, as a result of Users’ use of Services Information being made public, in the absence of FR’s gross negligence or willful misconducts

Article 4. Privacy related to children aged 14 and under

  1. Children aged 14 and under may not use the Services. FR will not gather information of children aged 14 and under, and will not authorize their creation of accounts. In the event where FR reasonably determines that it has collected information of children aged 14 and under, FR may, in its sole discretion, delete all related content and information.
  2. In certain countries, FR may authorize the creation of accounts for children aged 14 and under, if approved by a parent or legal guardian.

Article 5. Regarding how Users may manage their personal information

  1. Users may access, modify, and delete their personal information. Users may also contact FR and request for FR to modify or delete their personal information
  2. FR will save Users’ personal information until it is no longer necessary in order to provide Services, or until the applicable Users’ personal information are deleted due to the user's unsubscription or other reasons in accordance with applicable laws, and the information remains reasonably secure. The determination on whether to delete personal information will be made on a case-by-case basis; depending on the nature of the data, the reason for obtaining, legal obligations, the User’s requests, and any other reasons for retention.

Article 6. Compliance with laws and regulations

  1. FR may disclose Information to law enforcement agencies and other government entities where FR reasonably determines the legal obligation to do so.
  2. In addition, in the event FR can reasonably determine that doing so is necessary to prevent inappropriate use, correct security or technical issues, respond to malicious activity, or products Users’ rights and property, FR may store, use, or disclose Information

Article 7. Regarding the methods of use of the Service in the world

  1. In order to gather and analyze Services data, and to receive technological infrastructure, FR may entrust the Information handling to its vendors or service providers (including the vendors or service providers overseas).
  2. When transferring Users’,Privacy Information accros borders, FR shall establish sufficient protections in accordance with the law, in order to protect Users’ personal information

Article 8. Unsubscribing from the Services and the handling of the Information

  1. In the event Users unsubscribe, FR shall promptly delete the User’s Information on the Services without delay in accordance with agreements and applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Regardless of whether Users’ personal information is deleted, FR may continue to use information derived from that personal information (such as statistical data for analysis that does not constitute personal information or may not lead to the identification of a specific person), so long as there is a legitimate business purpose, the use of the information is limited to the minimum necessary in accordance with applicable laws, and the information remains reasonably secure

Article 9. (California Privacy Rights)

Article 10. Contact Information

If you have any questions with respect to the Services, or complaints, please contact us below.

Article 11. Modifications to this Privacy Policy

FR may modify this Privacy Policy based on changes in applicable laws and regulations. In this event, Users will be deemed to have agreed to any changes upon the upload of an updated version. Based on the content of the changes, FR may also notify Users of any changes, if it concludes that doing so is appropriate

Article 12. Arbitration

All disputes, controversies or differences arising out of or in connection with this Privacy Policy between the Users and FR shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. The place of the arbitration shall be Tokyo city or New York city in accordance with the Users’ choice. The arbitration shall be governed and construed by the laws of Japan.

Effective: January 27, 2020